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I like many others, struggled to find my clinical niche stuck between two worlds in my professional identity. I focused my graduate and post-graduate training on Geropsychology- mental health treatment of those 65 years or older. During my early career, I worked with older adults at various stages of the aging and independence spectrum from independent with some impairment in daily living functioning to home-bound or living in a long-term care facility. As a trained Geropsychologist, I normalize aging and its impact as a universal experience faced at various proximities, offering a new perspective on the #yolo phenomena. Aging is also a form of diversity; like other forms of diversity, it is often underserved in the mental health and healthcare setting. 


Early during the pandemic, I reconnected with my passion for working with other diverse populations and joined the virtual group practice, The Black Girl Doctor, where I fell back in love with creating space for folks who look like me. However, I felt a disconnect in my professional identities and struggled to find an intersection until recently, when I recognized that I was sandwiched between my professional passions. This recognition allowed me to shift my clinical focus to providing educational resources, emotional support, and skill-building strategies for adults, especially BIPOC/Black identifying folks, caring for their aging parents and loved ones, and becoming Dr. Dom The Sandwich Generation Psychologist! 






The baby boomers (those born between 1940 and 1959) are booming, and while we have known about the impending impact of the baby boomers' aging process on our economy and healthcare system, our society has not been well prepared. Therefore, much of the burden has fallen on families to support and care for the older adult population, especially in diverse and BIPOC communities. Meanwhile, many of those in Generation X (those born between 1960 and 1979) and Millennial (those born between 1980 and 1999) generations have chosen to pursue their educational and professional endeavors and subsequently are having children later in life. This results in their unique challenges related to their experience of being part of the sandwich generation, i.e., those caring for their aging parents or loved ones while also caring for their own children and families). If this is you, I look forward to connecting and helping you along the journey of other-care and self-care, protecting you and your loved ones' mental health!




Individual therapy

I work in a group practice, The Black Girl Doctor. TBGD is a virtual practice with a social justice mission to serve black professional women and support them as they strive for success while simultaneously experience joy and happiness. I specialize in caregiver stress, grief and loss, relationships, depression, and the imposter syndrome.

Learn more by visiting The Black Girl Doctor Website.

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I am consulting psychologist with the Sutter Senior Care PACE program, a multidisciplinary medical program that serves older adults in the Sacramento area.  As a consultant, I provide direct clinical services and consult with team members to provide holistic behavioral health care. I am also a consultant with Improve Your Tomorrow, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides mentorship and resources to break the school-to-prison pipeline and help young men of color graduate from college. I provide workshops and conduct speaking engagements with students and staff.


I am available to provide workshops and educational training for your business or organization surrounding Gerodiversity, Black mental health, aging, caregiver stress, and the sandwich generation. 


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Healthy Aging Checklist - Coming Soon

Combating Burnout Checklist - Coming Soon

*Quiz - "Caregiver Burnout and What Kind of Sandwich Are You?" - Coming Soon

The Sandwich Generation Cookbook/Resource Guide - Coming soon


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